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More than just candles

Our Mission

At Northwest Candle Makers we make more than "just" candles. We specially blend our waxes in house in order to offer amazing hot and cold scent throw. Waxes we use consist of apricot, soy (3 kinds), coconut, and bees wax. Each candle type has its own blend. We also work hard to source the best smelling fragrance oils we can, and even make our own blends for some of them.

We believe in creating quality products using the best waxes and fragrances we can get our hands on. We believe that quality products should be available to everyone and not just the the wealthy few. We believe in supporting other small businesses- sometimes this means we don’t get the lowest prices but we get the best products. We believe in kindness and love. All of our products are made with intention and love. We believe that energy is constant and by creating our products with kindness and love this love transfers to the product and then on to you. We believe in equality - this means we believe that Black Lives Matter, no human is illegal, women’s and trans rights are human rights, kindness and compassion is everything, and giving back is important.

Technical Writer by Day candle maker at night

Meet the owner


I have always considered myself a creative person, dabbling in all sorts of crafts and art projects. About a year ago I decided to try candle making and loved doing it. I decided it was time for me to take the jump and combine my love for making things with my dream of business ownership and with that, Northwest Candle Makers was born. Northwest Candle Makers is more than just candles. I also make various bath products such as soap, bath bombs, bath soaks, etc.

All of the candles I create use products sourced from other small businesses in the US. I pride myself in choosing natural and clean burning waxes and fragrance oils and all of my candles are hand made in small batches. My bath products are created using natural products and no preservatives or harsh chemicals. I have spent a lot of time developing recipes and testing them to ensure you are getting quality products.

I hope you enjoy what I have created for you. xoxoxo

Brandon Dudley